What Do You Need?

All clients want to make their brand relevant to current consumer desires. In the fast-paced world of 21st century media, what’s hot today is tomorrow’s passe, and nothing is more important than making sure a product or service resonates with consumers and the press. I can provide the most cost-effective and creative way to achieve measurable results for projects and budgets large and small.

One thing all brands need today is a story - something that connects with consumers to win hearts and minds. But it has to be genuine - not confected - and be true to the product or service for a connection that really works. One project I'm particularly proud of is writing the story of the entrepenuerial characters behind Diageo's most famous and enduring brands - from Arthur Guinness to Johnnie Walker to Charles Tanqueray and more. You can download a copy of the 20-page booklet here.

How I Can Help


Whatever your needs, I'm happy to help - from a product launch and branding strategy, to sponsorship and special event concepts, social media strategy, a quick marketing initiative or an extra pair of reliable hands for a special project. I can provide short to long-term assistance on special projects, or provide expert advice on programmes in progress to help them stay on target. I integrate well into in-house teams to provide skills you may not have on-staff, or don’t need full-time. I've had particular success with short-term, performance-driven media and marketing programmes designed to provide a PR or sales boost. These types of project are extremely affordable but yield measurable results. Most importantly my work is highly creative and built-to-order ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd.

I'm happy to work in-house or remotely and I have excellent references and case studies from clients around the world.  I also have access to a great network of other PR experts and designers.